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Why should I use an indoor tanning lotion?

Indoor tanning lotions will help you tan faster, achieve darker and more longer-lasting results.

What can I do to help my tan last longer?

In addition to using an indoor tanning lotion, having a good skin care regimen is vital to a long
lasting tan. Exfoliate your skin using a body scrub before coming in for your tanning session. And always remember to use a specially formulated indoor tanning moisturizer that will help keep your skin hydrated.

Does dry skin actually reflect UV light?

Yes! This is one of the main reasons why using a lotion is so important. When you tan, the UV
light actually removes vitamins and minerals from your skin, leaving it very dry. This dry skin
will not absorb all UV light, resulting in reduced results.

What is an accelerator?

All indoor tanning lotions are accelerators, and they act exactly as the name suggests – they accelerate your natural tanning process, and help your skin to achieve deeper and darker results.

What is a bronzer?

There are two different types of bronzers in one lotion:
1. Cosmetic Bronzer – This is a bronzer that delivers you immediate colour once applied, allowing your natural tan to develop over the next few hours. The bronzer will ultimately wash off.
2. DHA Bronzer – DHA is a colourless chemical that is found in self-tanners. When a lotion containing DHA is applied to your skin it will start turning it brown in 2-3 hours.

I have very fair skin, should I use a bronzer?

For someone who is just starting out building their base tan, we recommend using a light to medium bronzer, as a stronger bronzer may cause discolouration and be a lot more visible on fair skin.

Will a bronzer stain my clothes?

Cosmetic bronzer may come off onto your clothes, but will wash out with regular detergents.

What is a tingle lotion?

A tingle lotion helps increase blood circulation, thus improving the oxygenation of your skin cells. The increased level of oxygen helps accelerate your tan. A tingle typically has a “warming”/“reddening” and a “tingling” effect on the skin. This feeling is temporary and usually subsides within an hour or so.  The redness will also disappear once your skin cools down.

Can I use outdoor oils and lotions in the tanning bed?

No! Outdoor products are for outdoor use ONLY. Outdoor products create a film on the acrylic base of a tanning bed. This damages the acrylic, and it also inhibits the tanning process, rather than improving it. We offer a wide variety of products to be used for indoor tanning.

Can indoor tanning products be used outside?
Yes, but always use an SPF along with your indoor tanning lotion. Indoor tanning lotions do not carry any SPF protection. And, since the outdoors is not a controlled environment (in which you know how much UV exposure you are actually getting) it is always best to use an SPF cream in combination with your lotion.